Our skills and capabilities include:

Energy Efficiency                             
AEPS is actively involved in designing and implementing energy management strategies and solutions for companies who want to manage their electricity consumption. We assist in providing detailed energy audits and recommend/implement measures for energy savings as well as provide detailed training on energy efficiency.

Power System Planning  and Design                 
We conduct power system planning studies of electrical transmission and distribution networks which result in optimal investment decisions. Our key capabilities lie in developing Network Masterplans and performing detailed power system analysis. Part of our commitment is transferring of skills and knowledge which is done through our commitment towards involvement with customers. We also provide detailed practical training on how to plan and design power systems.

Power System Economics and Tariff Design
AEPS assists electricity utilities with Cost of Supply studies as well development of tariffs. We also provide consulting services on the Economic Regulation of Utilities, such as designing and implementing Rate of Return methodologies, Incentive Based Regulation, etc.

Project Investment Analysis 
We assist companies with putting together business case for economic justification of all types capital investment projects related to the electricity industry. We assist and train staff to be able to conduct detailed life cycle cost analysis to be able to make effective decisions. We also assist with developing customised tools to assist with the financial decision making.



AEPS is firmly committed to working in co-operative ways with our Clients as well as forming strategic partnerships with other companies to supply integrated solutions to the success of the projects we participate in - this forms the core of our corporate culture.


Our industry sector experience covers:

Local and International  Electricity Utilities
Conducted training for the Regional
Electricity Distributors in Namibia, ZESA, Electricity Control Board of Namibia.

Private Sector Clients
Provided training and consulting to a  number of private companies, e.g. ABB, Custom Power Solutions, Kelvin Power Station, Sasol, Assmang, Engen, Growthpoint, Clover, Afrox, etc.

Government institutions 
Training and consulting provided to the National Energy   Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), University of Pretoria, and University of KwaZulu Natal.


Affirmative Action Statement:

The policy of the firm:
AEPS fully subscribes to the National Government’s policies of Transformation, Black Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality and Community Development. As a responsible Corporate Entity, AEPS will endeavour to meet and exceed these requirements without compromising on quality and deliverables. AEPS’ ownership will always be held in the majority by Historical and Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.

The 100% black ownership demonstrates AEPS’ commitment to Affirmative Action and Economic Empowerment. In addition to ownership the Director of the company is also involved closely in the day to day activities of the Company and decision making.
We partner with companies who are BEE compliant.


Resumes of Management

Vijandren Naidoo Pr.Eng, BSc, MBL, GCC, CEM
Vijandren Naidoo is a specialist in planning and designing electrical power systems for utility companies. He has also been actively involved designing of electricity tariffs and advising and consulting to electrical utilities on economic regulation. He has traveled extensively both internationally and locally liaising with experienced professionals in the field of electrical power systems engineering. His extensive experience comes from working in the industry at various levels for twelve years. He is passionate about bridging the skills gap through sharing of his knowledge, skills and expertise.

Vijandren is also qualified as a Certified Energy Manager and is actively involved in training, designing and implementing energy management solutions for industry.  Vijandren is a registered professional engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa and is currently a senior member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers.

His qualifications include a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and a MBL from UNISA. He currently fulfils the role of CEO at AEPS.

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