Services Offered

Consulting Services

Applied Economic Power Solutions (AEPS) is an independent energy services and energy consulting company specialising in providing energy services through consulting, training and conducting research for public and private-sector clients within Sub-Saharan Africa. We are a level 3 BEE company located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our key area of specialisation includes designing and implementing energy management strategies for our clients. Other areas of specialisation include Power System Analysis and Economic Regulation & Tariff Design.

Some of our clients include Eskom, ABB, NERSA, Assmang, Clover, Afrox, and Sasol.

AEPS provides our clients with complete energy efficiency solutions by offering end to end support across the entire program lifecycle, thus enabling businesses and organisations to integrate energy efficiency into their strategies and operations. In turn, our clients realize tangible and cost-effective results


Workshops and Training

AEPS offers the following Workshop and Training courses:


Electrical Energy Efficiency Workshop

This two-day workshop is intended to provide the attendees with the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to make their organisation more energy efficient.  Participants will learn how to identify energy savings opportunities, to save energy through performing many case studies, learn how to conduct simple energy audits, analyse and interpret electricity bills and recommend solutions which will enhance their decision making ability.

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Power System Basics for non-engineering professionals

This two-day course is intended to give non-engineering professionals a better understanding of the planning and operation of electric power systems.  Basic electrical terminology and concepts are explained in simple to understand terms with regard to design, construction, operations and maintenance of power plants, substations and transmission and distribution lines. Background on Regulatory Policy, Renewable Energy and Electricity Restructuring are also discussed.

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Economic Regulation and Tariff Design

Poorly designed or ineffectively implemented regulation can have a significant impact on the efficiency and competitiveness of an industry or sector. Because it can affect the competitiveness of the national, as well as regional, economy regulation affects the standard of living of the community, for example employment and the quality and availability of services. Consideration of whether to regulate and, if necessary, how to regulate business activities is consequently extremely important.

‘Best practice’ aims to ensure that the community is a net beneficiary of regulation. Three key components of the best practice model of regulation include:

Best practice principles This involves a set of principles which guide the behaviour of regulators. Best practice is commonly associated with such principles as certainty, communication and consultation.

Best practice processes Processes are as important as the principles. Processes provide a structured approach for regulators to develop best practice regulation.

Best practice organisation For best practice to be achieved, the regulatory organisation needs to possess certain structural characteristics and expertise.

This three-day course is designed to provide the learner with the ability to understand the basics of economics, the different types of regulatory mechanisms and their applicability in the designing of tariffs in electric utilities.

Practical Power System Planning and Design

This practical course on power system planning and design of distribution networks is run over three days and is aimed at professionals involved in the planning and design of distribution networks. The course provides opportunities for distribution power system engineers to be able to apply their minds through solving of practical problems experienced by utility companies when making investment decisions. 

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Project Investment Analysis

This course provides tools to assist professionals involved in making large capital investment decisions. The ability to justify a project financially is crucial to getting the project of the ground. 


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